Considerations for a Commercial Kitchen in Australia

Considerations for a Commercial Kitchen in Australia

If you plan to open a restaurant or a kitchen for a school or an institution, purchasing and fitting equipment to your space has to be well thought of. Before you swipe your credit card on a new dryer machine, you need to have figured some details out.

Some of the decisions to make are figuring out the total cost of ownership. This calculation helps you determine how much a fridge freezer, benchtop oven, or other kitchen equipment will cost over its entire lifecycle. When calculating, you need to think more about the initial buying price.

The equipment you purchase will consume energy, water and may need inputs like oil and labor for operating. Once you have completed your check, you can then compare the equipment to find which is right for your business over a specified period. For example, an energy and water-saving large washing machine will cost more when buying but, will save you on the energy and water bills over the years.

Always investigate warranties and maintenance arrangements for every new kitchenware. You can find out what the manufacturer will or won’t cover when something goes wrong. Maintenance is also a necessity as much as it seems like a costly option at times. However, regular maintenance for your commercial dryer ensures it lasts longer and has lesser issues.

Before you purchase an item, plan for what you need. Get tools that you need to prepare the food items in your kitchen. For instance, a commercial kitchen often has mandatory equipment like coffee machines, an integrated range good or a wall oven which could be a 900mm oven in size. Invest in pieces that give multi-functionality options such as a washer and dryer.

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