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How to Plan a Raksha Bandhan Surprise

qqqThe festival of Raksha Bandhan is amongst the most awaited days of the year. This very popular Hindu festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in India. It is the day of siblings which is celebrated with extreme excitement. As per the ritual of Raksha Bandhan, it is required that the siblings should be together to celebrate the merriment of the day but in case, it is not possible then still there are many options and choices that could make it the wonderful celebration of the year. Surprises are always welcomed on every occasion so why not try surprise this Raksha Bandhan.

On the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan, both the siblings have the responsibility part and both can plan a surprise in case they are not together with each other. Here we are mentioning the surprises that brothers and sisters can make on Raksha Bandhan.

Sister: The biggest obligation on the festival of Raksha Bandhan is from the sister’s side because she is obliged to start the ritual with the thread of Rakhi. The Raksha sutra is tied across brother’s hand which is meant to protect him from all the evils of his life. Sister can plan a surprise on Raksha Bandhan by sending Rakhi online to brother. In case she is away and won’t be able to celebrate the festival she can send Rakhi, it will be a surprise. Sending Rakhi gifts for brother and his family is also a great idea.

Brother: Like sisters, brothers can also try the idea of online Rakhi return gift. This could be a pleasant surprise. Sending Rakhi special cake and flowers to sister is also a great idea. Apart from the other things, if you are looking for a surprise, you can visit sister on Rakhi and give her a pleasant surprise. This would definitely melt her heart and of course there could not be any surprise as special as this one for her.

These are the two great ways to surprise siblings on Raksha Bandhan. Relations are nurtured well when both the parties the best of their efforts, and definitely the points that are mentioned here would help sisters and brothers both to put the best from their side for the relationship.

Three Best Rakhi Gifts for Sister

rakhi gifts for sisterWithout any doubt or any second thought it can be said that Raksha Bandhan is the festival that has to be cherished with the loved ones. It is a very significant day which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India and also in various parts of the world dotted with the population of the Hindus. This is a sacred Hindu festival which is celebrated with extreme zest and zeal all over the country.

The grand festival is celebrated all around the world where there is the population of Hindus. One very interesting fact in consideration with the festival is that, it is not limited to the people of Hindu community only. The non-Hindus who have the faith and belief in the sacred thread of Rakhi also celebrate the festival with the same zest and zeal.

As per the customary actions of the festival, brother presents Rakhi gift to sister as a token of his love and affection. With this, he also expresses his gratitude towards sister for all the efforts she makes to make the festival beautiful. To make your festival of Raksha Bandhan even more special, here we are with the three best Rakhi gifts for your sister that she would love to accept this festive season.

Premium Bracelet: If you are not limited to any kind of budget then you can present her premium bracelet as her Rakhi gift. You can go with gold or silver option whichever you like and could embrace your sister with this pleasant gift on Raksha Bandhan.

Branded Handbag: A branded handbag for your sister would be a treat for her. Women are always crazy for bags and this is something they can have as much as she can. You can present your sister a branded handbag and definitely it will give her a better feel.

Makeup Kit: Present her a makeup kit to flaunt her beauty; nothing can be as perfect as makeup kit for her. Even if you are not available there to present her gift on Rakhi, you can send Rakhi return gift online and hence could make up her mood in the long distance Raksha Bandhan celebration.

Impress your little angel with something much interesting this Raksha Bandhan. These pleasant Rakhi gift ideas of for sister would certainly cheer her up.

How to Send Rakhi to Bangalore Free of Cost

AllThe day that holds immense importance in the life of siblings is definitely, Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival which is celebrated with great joy and happiness all around the world at the places dotted with the population of Hindus. The festival is being celebrated in the holy month of Shravana, and is commemorated with great fun and enjoyment. The sacred thread of Rakhi is meant to adorn the relationship between the siblings. With great hope and desires sister ties the thread of Rakhi across her brother’s wrist. Tying Rakhi is the main obligation of the festival.

No matter, whether the distance between them is small or siblings are living in two different countries. There would always be the best way out to commemorate the celebration. In such a case, when siblings are away then sister sends Rakhi to brother to mark her love and affection. In the earlier times they used the medium of postal services but things are changed and have simplified the process as well. In context with the present time it is no more a problem to send Rakhi anywhere and the best part is that, now sisters have the option to send Rakhi free of cost. Yes, you got it right Rakhi and that too free of cost. If your brother lives in Bangalore and you need to mark the festive celebration of Raksha Bandhan by sending Rakhi to him then you really need not to worry.

Other than going market, packing Rakhi and then sending it through postage one can try picking and sending Rakhi portal online. Online Rakhi portal is the medium for the sisters where they can find the best and appropriate options to send Rakhi. There are plenty of Rakhi designs and the best part is the availability of Rakhi gifts and Rakhi gift hampers online. So, not just Rakhi, sisters now have the option to send Rakhi with sweets, dry fruits and other combos too.

Now, the matter of sending Rakhi for free, at the trusted online Rakhi portals, one has the choice to send Rakhi with no delivery charge. You only need to pay for the Rakhi or the Rakhi combo and without paying anything for delivery; you can get what you desire. You can send Rakhi for free. For those, who have their brothers living in Bangalore, they have many choices of online Rakhi portals and redeeming their services they could achieve the aim of sending Rakhi for free to Bangalore.

3 Ideas to Surprise Brother on Raksha Bandhan

raksha-bandhanThe festival of Raksha Bandhan is to celebrate the purest bond on this earth. Though, throughout the world there are special days for celebrating this special bond of love and affection but no festivity stand even closer to Raksha Bandhan. It is a day which is celebrated directly from the heart. India is a festival of culture, rituals and traditions. The country celebrates different festivals for the great traditions and also for the purest relationship bonds. Raksha Bandhan is one amongst the greatest days of celebration in India which is commemorated with great fun and enjoyment.

This is the time of the year that provides brother and sister an opportunity to express heir true heart feelings to each other. There are many better ways to do the same. Only tying Rakhi thread is not the custom of the festival. The day is to showcase the intense love and affection as well. For the sisters, we are here presenting with three very perfect ideas that could make you to surprise your brother on the special day of the year.

Send Rakhi Online: You can send Rakhi online to brother who is residing away from you. This is definitely a pleasant idea for the sisters whose brothers are living far away. Whether your brother resides within the premises of India, or he lives outside, you can send Rakhi online and cheer him up on the day. Clubbing Rakhi with Rakhi gift hamper would justify the occasion in the perfect sense.

Personalized Rakhi Gift for Brother: Gift your brother something that could cherish him. Gifting him a thing that could perfectly justify the memory would be better. Personalized gifts on Rakhi is really a great idea for those, who want to make it a memorable event without leaving a single opportunity for the same.

Give Him a Visit: This Raksha Bandhan, do something different. If your brother is residing far away from you then this time on this festive occasion, you can surprise him by visiting his place. There could be nothing as special as this for your bro.

Definitely, these are such ideas, implementing what you would get a great feeling. Of course, this is an annual opportunity for you to express your deep love and affection to brother and there could be no other great way to express the same. Go with these surprise ideas on the festival and cheer up your brother.

What is the Best Raksha Bandhan Gift for Younger Sister?

rakhi-return-giftsRaksha Bandhan is not just another day of the year, but it is the day of love, togetherness and more than that siblinghood. It is the most significant time of the year when the siblings stay together and enjoy the togetherness, love and affection of the moment. The beautiful customs and rituals of the festival is something that makes it the most important time of the year. This festival of love and siblinghood is meant to strengthen the bond and let brother and sister both realize their responsibilities and duties towards each other.

Customs of Raksha Bandhan are appreciated everywhere and this is a prime reason why people do celebrate the festival going out of their way. It is though a Hindu festival but people from all religious beliefs celebrate the day. Presenting gift to sister on Raksha Bandhan is as much important as the rakhi tying custom. For the brothers who are just confused about the Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for sisters then here are few of the interesting ideas that they can implement to get her attention and love.

Jewelry: Whatever is the age of your sister she would always appreciate jewelry as the gift of Raksha Bandhan. As women are in love with ornaments hence nothing can be better than presenting her the same on rakhi. Depending on your budget you can go for precious jewelry like gold, silver or diamond or can simply gift her fancy jewelries.

Handbag: Present her a handbag as rakhi return gift and she would definitely appreciate your choice. Handbag is one of such things that she may not deny for. So, what are you waiting for; pick handbag for her as per her need and desire and see the million dollar smile on her face at the time of receiving the surprise.

Home Décor Items: Women are always diverted towards home décor, and definitely this is a thing of your sister’s choice as well. Presenting her something that she can use to decorate her space or her home would always be a great idea.

Apparels: If you are very well aware with women choice and interests then  there is nothing wrong in presenting apparels like Sari, Suit, Kurtis, or things like these to sister as rakhi return gift.

Gift Card: In case after trying so many things and thinking over so many ideas, still you are blank then the best choice is still there for you. You can present her gift card as rakhi return gift so that, she may buy something of that money of her interest.

These are few fabulous ideas for rakhi return gifts. Whenever you are supposed to send it at a long distance, you should try to send rakhi return gift online through a reliable rakhi portal; so that, the gift may reach to her on time and safe too.

Three Amazing Rakhi Gifts for Tech Savvy Brother

rakhi gifts for brotherFestivals remind us about the customs and traditions. We do follow the same but yes we also don’t forget to implement few of the modifications in the things that have been running since ages. The same concept is seen in the festival of Raksha Bandhan as well. Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan whatever it is called, the day conveys one message and it is siblinghood love and affection. The day tells all to be together and to respect the bond we are bounded with. As per the rituals of Raksha Bandhan, sister is supposed to tie Rakhi thread around brother’s wrist and brother should gift her presents to express gratitude for her gesture.

Well, this is something much common and much practiced; the new trend is return gifts for brother on Rakhi. Yes, now sisters also tend to present gifts to brother on Rakhi. If you also want to be in the same category and are looking for an amazing Rakhi gift for your tech savvy brother then here are three amazing ideas that would help you in getting things in the right way.

Headphone: He would love to receive this gift from you. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan present your brother headphone as gift for the day. If he loves music then definitely he is going to appreciate you for your choice and in case he did not then he will like it after receiving the gift.

Power Bank for Multiple Charging: If you want to end up the festival with really good memories then try gifting something useful to your brother. Present him power bank and that too the one available for multiple charging. Your brother could use it to charge his phone, laptop or any other electronic device on the go and is surely going to appreciate your choice.

Projector: Your tech savvy brother wants something that he can use to explore his field of interest. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, present him a projector that could be used by him for his projects and he can also watch movies, play games, on the big screen.

Raksha Bandhan is not another day of the year. It is a moment so special for siblings and definitely a time of the year when everyone could express his or her feelings towards each other. Siblings are not just family but they are the wonderful gifts of parents to us. This festival strengthens your bond of love with something really amazing for your tech savvy bro.

3 Best Rakhi Gifts for Younger Sister

rakhi gift ideasThe beautiful day of celebration that falls on the full moon day of Shravana month is none another than Raksha Bandhan. The festival is the marked day to showcase the sanity in brother sister bond. Siblinghood is the best bond ever in which a person is bonded with. Throughout the world, there are special days of celebration to mark the love and affection in between the siblings, in India the special day is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan. The festival is a true celebration of intense love and affection in between brothers and sisters. The celebration is not only about the pious rakhi thread which is tied around brother’s hand by his sister but there is one more definition of the festival and it is cute rakhi surprises.

For the love, care and dedication of sister she is rewarded with cute surprise from her brother. Rakhi gift for sister is something that trolls brother’s head to extend. If you are also planning for something cute and special for your younger sister then here are three special gift ideas for you that would definitely work.

Soft Toy: Presenting a furry friend to your cute younger sister will become the most admired gift of the day. Teddy bear is always the most desired gift for girls and definitely, your sister will also love to have it from your side. You can very easily get this rakhi return gift online in case, you wish to present it as a cute surprise for a sister.

Gourmet Hamper: Presenting gourmet hamper to your cute little sister will also be a wonderful treat. Girls are fond of chocolates, you can gift your sister a complete gourmet hamper of chocolate and cookies. Winning your sister’s heart for the entire love, care and affection that she shows to you, is definitely, possible with the special treats that you can gift her as Rakhi return gifts.

Personalized Gifts: Make this Raksha Bandhan something more special than a day of celebration. Gifting your dear sister personalized rakhi return gift is definitely the best idea to cheer her up. The personalized gift can be anything that she would love and admire like a photo frame, coffee mug, T-shirt, key ring or anything else similar to this.

There is no doubt establishing this that Raksha Bandhan is a great day of celebration. As the festival is celebrated to mark the intense love and affection between the siblings in which both are supposed to fulfill the responsibilities on their part. Sisters send Rakhi to brother to mark the special day in case she is unable to meet him, on the other hand, brother also sends Rakhi Return Gift to his sister to fulfill the obligation from his side.

What is Raksha Bandhan 2017 Day, Date and Muhurat?

Raksha-Bandhan-2017The month of Shravana is much significant for the Hindus. It’s not only the pitter-patter of rain drops that makes the month significant, but there is one more reason why it becomes the most awaited month of the year. Raksha Bandhan is the name behind millions of smile during this special. The festivity of love, affection, respect and care falls in this month; hence the moment is considered to be the most pious one. Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of siblinghood bond. This Hindu festival is observed with complete fervor in India. The northern and western part of the country celebrates this festival, which is meant to connect the heart of brother and sister forever always. The tradition of this festival is almost same everywhere. The festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana.

Full moon day or Purnima in Hindi is considered to be significant from religious point of view. It is considered that gods shower their blessing on this very auspicious day on the earth. As the festival is celebrated as per Hindu calendar and not as Georgian calendar hence the date of festival changes every year. Almost all the Hindu festivals are celebrated according to calendar which is also called as Thithi. Hindu calendar is based on the rotation of moon. The full moon is considered to be auspicious moment of the month whereas no good task is done on the new moon or Amavasya. Well, as the festival of Raksha Bandhan is so much significant and auspicious too because it is celebrated on the full moon day, the very common question every year is when is Raksha Bandhan.

This year the holi festival is falling on 7th of August 2017. The day of festival is Monday and the Shubh Muhurat for Raksha Bandhan and for tying rakhi on the day starts from morning 8 O’clock to 3 PM in the afternoon. So, as per the day, date and Muhurat of the festival you can plan accordingly. If you are supposed to visit your brother on this day then try tying rakhi before 3 PM. In case your brother resides away from you then it is a great idea to send rakhi online because it is a convenient mode and tell brother to tie it within the Subh Muhurat. To continue the auspiciousness of the occasion you can also send rakhi pooja thali and rakhi with sweets to your brother living at a distance from you.

When Raksha Bandhan is Not Just a Festival

raksha bandhan

Monsoons bring so much of happiness; there can be nothing better than the melody of the pitter-platter of rain drops. But there is definitely, something else that makes the monsoon most awaited moment of the year and that special thing is, Raksha Bandhan. Celebrating our relationships is something that separates us from rest of the world. We don’t just have a relation bond but we celebrate it every moment. One of such great celebration of relations is, Raksha Bandhan. The bond of love shared between brother and sister is immortal. A brother does everything in the best possible manner from his side to come up in the expectations of his sister, whereas sister always stands by his side as the mental and emotional supporter.

No matter, how many fights they have had in the past but when there is a need they will always stand by each other’s side. The grand festivity of Raksha Bandhan is enjoyed with full fervor throughout the country. Not only Indians but NRI’s also celebrate the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is the great meaning behind the festival that makes it a super special event of the year. The purest bond on the earth is shared between the siblings. No matter how far they are from each other, their hearts will always be connected. And Raksha Bandhan is that pretty moment to make them realize the beauty of the special chord that they share with each other.

Rakhi, the sacred thread that sister ties in her brother’s hand make the celebration even more special. It is the power of Rakhi thread only, that two strangers who don’t even share blood relation with each other are committed in the bond just because of the rakhi thread. Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but it is the biggest gala of relationships. It is the event that teaches us the ethics and values of the relations we are born with. Though the festival emerged from Hindu religion, but in present time declaring it as a solely Hindu festival would clearly be wrong.

People from all the walk of society have faith in the festival and they celebrate it with great pomp and show as well. It is not just a festival, but a moment when siblings can ooze out their true heart emotions for each other. A sister sends rakhi to brother, whereas brother fulfills his obligation by sending rakhi gifts to sis, in case both of them are separated by distance. No stone is left unturned to celebrate this great moment of the year and that too from both the sides, because for them rakhi is not just a festival, it is the biggest celebration of relations.

Raksha Bandhan: Celebration Beyond Boundaries


India is a land of ethics and culture. The country is well recognized for its moral values. Being renowned as a place that taught civilization to the whole world the country is always the learning center for the people from different walks of the society. Firm faith in religion and its values is what makes Indian civilization prominent. Fairs and festivals are the main identities of India. No matter what religion a person follows, if the festival of other religion spreads good message then definitely he will celebrate the moment. This is a type of attitude that one can find only in India. One of such great days of celebration that the whole nation observes with prodigious faith and belief is Raksha Bandhan. It is made from two words Raksha that means protection, and Bandhan means bond.

A bond of protection is celebrated that day between brothers and sisters. As it is well known that no relation in this world can be as pure as siblinghood bond. They may fight with each other all day long but when it will come to protecting each other than no wall can be much stronger their wall of protection. Raksha Bandhan is just a celebration to remind brother his responsibility to protect sister and to make sister realize there is always someone to take care of her and her needs too. The ritual of the festival is what makes it more beautiful. Let us know the significance and ritual of the festive celebration.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in India and also by the Indians settled in different part of the world. The festival holds much significance to brother-sister bond. A pious rakhi thread which is tied in brother’s hand is meant to protect him from all the odds of his life. There are many mythological stories in Hindu religion that describe the significance of rakhi and Raksha Bandhan festival. It is not just a festival but a celebration of emotions as well.

The Rakhi thread that sister ties in her brother’s hand is not a thread, it is her hope that she is tying. She is always ensured that she will be protected from all the difficulties in her life because her brother is there to protect her always. It is the purity and sanity of the festival only that people of other religion also have faith in the festival and also celebrate it with full gusto. Being celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana the festival is observed with great faith and belief.

Celebration Style

The festival is very well known for the celebration style. On the day of the festival, it is a ritual that sister will visit her brother’s home. She will do fasting on the day till she ties rakhi on her brother’s hand. First of all, she will wear new clothes on Raksha Bandhan, this is important because new clothes in Hindu religion describe purity and sanity. She will prepare a rakhi pooja thali that will contain all the essentials of the day ritual. She will revolve arti around her brother; this is a ritual to ensure no negative energy should come close to her brother.

After Aarti, she will smear tilak on brother’s forehead. This will ensure that brother will always be protected against the negative energies in life. Once she applies tilak then she will tie rakhi thread around his arm. Rakhi is not only a thread it is the string that holds both of them in promises and love bond. She will then offer sweets to him. Brother will complete the rituals of the festival by offering rakhi return gift to sister. And in this manner, the beautiful tradition of the festival comes to an end.

Raksha Bandhan is not just a day of celebration it is actually something beyond that. There are many beautiful ways in which sisters celebrate rakhi. Those who are near they visit brother and those who are not they imply other techniques. Sister’s residing abroad send rakhi online to brother so that her love and wishes in form of rakhi should reach timely to her brother.