Because Rakhi is Not Just a Thread


When it comes to festivals, we Indians are always super excited for it. Festivals are not just a single-day affair for us, but it is something for which we survive all other days. We are much prominent for our days of celebration and try our level best to make them a grand event of life. However the best of festivity comes with the loved ones around, but even if they are not there, we still find a better way to celebrate the occasion with their virtual presence, like we celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is a day special that commemorates the love and affection between brothers and sisters. The day is celebrated with full fervor in India and also around the world where people of Indian origin reside. It is a significant moment when sisters adorn brother’s hand with rakhi. Rakhi is not just a thread that she is tying to her brother, but a string that connects her heart directly with her brother’s heart.

Indian culture is the one that carries so many fantasies in it. There are sacred bonds, god, angels and everything that makes life true treasure and then there is rakhi. Rakhi is not just a thing but a true world for siblings. Hindus are blessed to have such a beautiful day of celebration that defines the true meaning of siblinghood. This is a festival that tells brother his responsibility and also pacifies the sister in every situation that there is someone who will always be with her. No matter, whether brother and sister are not able to meet each other on the day of Raksha Bandhan, rakhi on the behalf of sister still does its work. A rakhi tied in the name of a sister to brother’s wrist will still do the same favor for her.

 Brother is bounded by rakhi to protect his sister from all the odds of life. Rakhi reminds him his responsibilities, his duties and sister’s desires. A thread that a sister ties with many hopes and aspirations denote her faith and love; hence her brother is bound to keep the dignity of the thread and sister’s love always at its high. It is the beauty of this festival only that people from different cast and creed also celebrate the festival with full fervor. For celebrating Raksha Bandhan you don’t need to be a Hindu, if you have faith in rakhi thread and you respect the brother-sister bond then you can go ahead in celebrating this fascinating day of the annual calendar.