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Interesting Facts about Raksha Bandhan You Will Not Find Anywhere

11If there is something that describes the tradition of one country well then definitely it is the festival of the place. Festivals are the mirror of custom and rituals. They are the reminders of religion and faith and it is due to festivals only that we find ourselves more connected with our custom and tradition. Coming to the Hindu religion, then it is amongst the most blessed religion in terms of festivals. There is a special day of celebration for almost every relation and one amongst that very special day of celebration is the festival of Raksha Bandhan that blesses the brother-sister bond.

The most interesting thing about the festival is that it is not only limited to the people of Hindu community, but all others also celebrate the merriment of the festival. As the festival is dedicated towards the pious bond of love and affection in between the siblings, hence people unhesitant of their religion status celebrate the day with complete merriment and fervor. Knowing about Indian religion and custom is always a great thing for people. The story behind Raksha Bandhan celebration is really very interesting. We are providing some very interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Celebrated with Different Name: If you think it is only ‘Raksha Bandhan’ the festival is known as then you are wrong because throughout the nation it is known by different names. In the northern and western part of India, it is called as Rakhi Purnima, the Western Ghats and adjoining area recognize the festival as Nariyal Purnima. In south India it is famous as Avani Avittam or Upakarmam, it is known as Kajari Purnima in central India, whereas in the western part of India, it is called as Pavitrapana. In Nepal, which is a Hindu nation the festival is renowned as Janev Purnima.

Across the Globe Celebration: As the festival spreads the message of brotherhood and togetherness, hence it is celebrated across the globe to celebrate peace and humanity. Not only the people of Indian community or Hindus celebrate this festival, but those who find the day meaningful, they also celebrate the same. the loved ones way back home of those who reside in foreign countries send Rakhi, sweets, and gifts to them so that, the merriment of the festival should continue with the same zeal. Not only this, sending Rakhi to India

Other Religion People Celebrate Festival Too: Though the festival emerged from Hindu religion, it is not solely celebrated by the people of Hindu community only. People of different religion around the world also celebrate the day because it is ultimately the message of love and togetherness that matters for the day of celebration. There are many instances in the past also in which people from different religion celebrated Rakhi festival.

Gift Exchange in Between Siblings: The best part about the festival is the great gift exchange session that happens during the time. It is the custom of the festival that once sister ties the thread of Rakhi brother offers her gifts. It is the Shagun of the day. Well, it is mandatory for a brother to give something as Shagun, whether money, gift or anything else. But, as the trend is changing now, sisters are also giving Rakhi gifts to brother and this is making the festival even more interesting and beautiful.

The significance of Rakhi Tying: The thread of Rakhi is what plays the major role in the festival celebration. It is a normal thread bejeweled with motifs or precious stones that becomes sacred when tied across brother’s hand. It is said that when sister smears tilak on brother’s forehead, she is praying to god to put all the evil at a distance from brother. The thread of Rakhi when tied across brother’s hand becomes the Raksha Sutra or the protection band, which is meant to protect brother from the evil. Keeping the dignity of the thread high, brother vows to protect sister from every obstacle of her life.

Time of the Year When Festival is celebrated: The festival is celebrated in the holy month of Shravana, which is approximately in the month of July or August as per the Georgian calendar. Every year, there is a Shubh Muhurat for Rakhi tying, which is decided by the important religious preachers.

Modern Style of Celebrating Raksha Bandhan: Like the modernity, in our style and culture the festival also attained its modern form. Considering the distance between the siblings, sending Rakhi online through Rakhi portals has become a trend. Siblings are using the portals to send Rakhi, Rakhi with gifts, Rakhi with sweets, and avail the interesting options and offer available online for the same.

Story and Krishna and Draupadi: The most interesting epic tale regarding Raksha Bandhan celebration is connected with Krishna and Draupadi. She asked Lord Krishna for help and tied a piece of her Saree around his wrist, considering that piece as the vow of protection, lord protected her from Dushashan.

Alexander and Pours Tale Related with Rakhi: If you think that festival is only limited to India or Hindu religion then you are wrong. In the historical event, it is believed that the King Porus restrained Alexander the Great from killing because Alexander’s wife sent him a Rakhi.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is undoubtedly one amongst the most important day of celebration in India. It is celebrated with great fervor in India and abroad. Rakhi, Rakhi threads, sweets, gifts, dry fruits, chocolates, are the things that make the festival even more prominent. And above everything else, it is the zeal of celebrating the festival that makes it the day the most significant one in the year. Even if siblings are not together they share their happiness by sending Rakhi online or Rakhi gifts online and in this way the complete decorum of the day is maintained. It is a festival that spreads love and brotherhood and this is a reason why the day has also got global recognition.