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4 Best Rakhi Gifts for Bhaiya and Bhabhi

bhaiyabhabhiIt is the time of festivals only that we understand the true value of relationships. We Indians are blessed that we have so many special days to celebrate our special relationships and especially in Hindu religion. One very significant festival that truly describes the relationship of siblings is Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival of love and emotions. The thread of Rakhi is not a simple string but it is emotions and feelings that sister ties to her brother. It is such a relation that strengthens with the passage of time and this is a reason why the festival attains a beautiful shape with the passage of every Raksha Bandhan.

As per the customary action of Rakhi, sister is supposed to tie thread across brother’s hand but the things are not limited here only. When brother gets married sister ties Rakhi to his wife as well, and this is what makes Raksha Bandhan even cuter. For the upcoming Raksha Bandhan celebration here are the four best Rakhi gift ideas for Bhaiya Bhabhi that you can try for the cute couple.

Couple Watch: For the best couple in your life, a couple watch could be the best choice. You can go with couple watch. A branded Swiss watch is a great idea if you really want to present a gift that could stay with your brother and his better half for a longer time.

Personalized Gift: Gifting personalized present is also something which could amaze the couple. You can go with personalized cushion, personalized table top, personalized bed sheet, personalized calendar, and other than this there are many other gifts that you can personalize for the cute couple.

Household Decoration Item: Household decoration items for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi would also be a great idea. You can surprise them with something that could adore the beauty of their home and ultimately it will bring beauty to their place.

Goodie Box: Presenting goodie box is also something you can try out. A box of sweets, Dryfruits, chocolates, is something that could perfectly justify the occasion and would be a cute gift from your side too.

So, these are four best gift ideas from our side that you can try out to gift your Bhaiya and Bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan. Even if you are sending Rakhi to them as they are far away you can also send Rakhi with sweets, or any of the gifts that are mentioned above. The only thing that you need to consider is to choose a reliable and trusted platform to do so.

When Raksha Bandhan is Not Just a Festival

raksha bandhan

Monsoons bring so much of happiness; there can be nothing better than the melody of the pitter-platter of rain drops. But there is definitely, something else that makes the monsoon most awaited moment of the year and that special thing is, Raksha Bandhan. Celebrating our relationships is something that separates us from rest of the world. We don’t just have a relation bond but we celebrate it every moment. One of such great celebration of relations is, Raksha Bandhan. The bond of love shared between brother and sister is immortal. A brother does everything in the best possible manner from his side to come up in the expectations of his sister, whereas sister always stands by his side as the mental and emotional supporter.

No matter, how many fights they have had in the past but when there is a need they will always stand by each other’s side. The grand festivity of Raksha Bandhan is enjoyed with full fervor throughout the country. Not only Indians but NRI’s also celebrate the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is the great meaning behind the festival that makes it a super special event of the year. The purest bond on the earth is shared between the siblings. No matter how far they are from each other, their hearts will always be connected. And Raksha Bandhan is that pretty moment to make them realize the beauty of the special chord that they share with each other.

Rakhi, the sacred thread that sister ties in her brother’s hand make the celebration even more special. It is the power of Rakhi thread only, that two strangers who don’t even share blood relation with each other are committed in the bond just because of the rakhi thread. Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but it is the biggest gala of relationships. It is the event that teaches us the ethics and values of the relations we are born with. Though the festival emerged from Hindu religion, but in present time declaring it as a solely Hindu festival would clearly be wrong.

People from all the walk of society have faith in the festival and they celebrate it with great pomp and show as well. It is not just a festival, but a moment when siblings can ooze out their true heart emotions for each other. A sister sends rakhi to brother, whereas brother fulfills his obligation by sending rakhi gifts to sis, in case both of them are separated by distance. No stone is left unturned to celebrate this great moment of the year and that too from both the sides, because for them rakhi is not just a festival, it is the biggest celebration of relations.