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Because Rakhi is Not Just a Thread


When it comes to festivals, we Indians are always super excited for it. Festivals are not just a single-day affair for us, but it is something for which we survive all other days. We are much prominent for our days of celebration and try our level best to make them a grand event of life. However the best of festivity comes with the loved ones around, but even if they are not there, we still find a better way to celebrate the occasion with their virtual presence, like we celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is a day special that commemorates the love and affection between brothers and sisters. The day is celebrated with full fervor in India and also around the world where people of Indian origin reside. It is a significant moment when sisters adorn brother’s hand with rakhi. Rakhi is not just a thread that she is tying to her brother, but a string that connects her heart directly with her brother’s heart.

Indian culture is the one that carries so many fantasies in it. There are sacred bonds, god, angels and everything that makes life true treasure and then there is rakhi. Rakhi is not just a thing but a true world for siblings. Hindus are blessed to have such a beautiful day of celebration that defines the true meaning of siblinghood. This is a festival that tells brother his responsibility and also pacifies the sister in every situation that there is someone who will always be with her. No matter, whether brother and sister are not able to meet each other on the day of Raksha Bandhan, rakhi on the behalf of sister still does its work. A rakhi tied in the name of a sister to brother’s wrist will still do the same favor for her.

 Brother is bounded by rakhi to protect his sister from all the odds of life. Rakhi reminds him his responsibilities, his duties and sister’s desires. A thread that a sister ties with many hopes and aspirations denote her faith and love; hence her brother is bound to keep the dignity of the thread and sister’s love always at its high. It is the beauty of this festival only that people from different cast and creed also celebrate the festival with full fervor. For celebrating Raksha Bandhan you don’t need to be a Hindu, if you have faith in rakhi thread and you respect the brother-sister bond then you can go ahead in celebrating this fascinating day of the annual calendar.

When Meaning of Raksha Bandhan Touched My Heart

Raksha-BandhanRaksha Bandhan is the festival that connects siblings together forever. The beautiful Hindu festival is celebrated with great zest and zeal in India. People of all caste and creed have a firm faith in rakhi thread. When the string of love is tied in brother’s hand it joints relations even stronger. Since my childhood, I have grown up in hearing about the sanity of rakhi thread. Raksha Bandhan was not just a festival but an annual gala of relationship. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with brother and cousins was a ritual of the festive celebration, but above that, there was also a trend followed in school. As it is said, that school is the first learning center and this is a reason why students are taught about the ethics and values of relationship in school only.

North India, the place that celebrates Raksha Bandhan with full merriment witnesses grand Raksha Bandhan celebration at schools too.  In our school pledge we keep on repeating the line every day, ‘India is my country and all Indians are my brother and sister’, and this is what enters in our mind too. It is said that we react what we learn and this is a reason why at schools we share siblinghood relation with our mates. I too was born and brought up in the same environment and same thought, ‘all Indians are my brother and sister’. Just a day before Raksha Bandhan holiday every year, we use to have the festive celebration at school as well.

I too use to go school with rakhi threads that I can tie to my brother-like classmates. In the lower standards every girl used to tie a rakhi, but as the maturity enters in, the number decreases. When I was in lower classes I used to tie rakhi to five mates, but as the time passed by the number came to 1. Now, maybe it was because everyone has understood that blood relations are stronger than the one made in school. There was a non-Hindu boy in my class whom I use to tie a rakhi. In my eighth standard, when the maturity level was higher than the earlier ages, I decided not to tie rakhi to him because no one else in my class was actually interested in the celebration anymore.

Well, the day before rakhi holiday in school I went without Rakhi and came home. That guy was hopefully looking at me as other girls in school were tying rakhi to their mates. I just ignored things. Next day when it was Raksha Bandhan, I was super excited for the celebration. I took an early morning shower, wore new clothes and tied rakhi to my brothers. Later, I left for my cousin’s place because my Raksha Bandhan celebration schedule was made earlier only.

Full day I was with my cousins enjoying the festival of siblinghood, love care, and affection. In the evening I came back home with a lot of cherishing the memory of the day. I was extremely happy because the day was really very fantastic like every year. But, suddenly my mother broke news to me that shattered my heart. She told me, that the boy whom I use to tie rakhi every year has visited our place thrice, just to tie rakhi from me. That time, I was really angry with me, I was literally thinking, how mean I am.

A boy who is not of my community and does not even know the value of Rakhi thread more than me, visited my place thrice so that the decorum of the festival can be maintained and what I was doing in return of that. I broke into tears and went to his place with a rakhi. I apologized for my mistake and tied rakhi to him. He was really happy and I was overcoated with guilt. That day I realized the true meaning of Raksha Bandhan and the significance of rakhi thread. From that day to till now, I tie rakhi to him every year without any gap. And in case I am not able to visit him, I send rakhi online to him wherever he is.

Raksha Bandhan: Celebration Beyond Boundaries


India is a land of ethics and culture. The country is well recognized for its moral values. Being renowned as a place that taught civilization to the whole world the country is always the learning center for the people from different walks of the society. Firm faith in religion and its values is what makes Indian civilization prominent. Fairs and festivals are the main identities of India. No matter what religion a person follows, if the festival of other religion spreads good message then definitely he will celebrate the moment. This is a type of attitude that one can find only in India. One of such great days of celebration that the whole nation observes with prodigious faith and belief is Raksha Bandhan. It is made from two words Raksha that means protection, and Bandhan means bond.

A bond of protection is celebrated that day between brothers and sisters. As it is well known that no relation in this world can be as pure as siblinghood bond. They may fight with each other all day long but when it will come to protecting each other than no wall can be much stronger their wall of protection. Raksha Bandhan is just a celebration to remind brother his responsibility to protect sister and to make sister realize there is always someone to take care of her and her needs too. The ritual of the festival is what makes it more beautiful. Let us know the significance and ritual of the festive celebration.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in India and also by the Indians settled in different part of the world. The festival holds much significance to brother-sister bond. A pious rakhi thread which is tied in brother’s hand is meant to protect him from all the odds of his life. There are many mythological stories in Hindu religion that describe the significance of rakhi and Raksha Bandhan festival. It is not just a festival but a celebration of emotions as well.

The Rakhi thread that sister ties in her brother’s hand is not a thread, it is her hope that she is tying. She is always ensured that she will be protected from all the difficulties in her life because her brother is there to protect her always. It is the purity and sanity of the festival only that people of other religion also have faith in the festival and also celebrate it with full gusto. Being celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana the festival is observed with great faith and belief.

Celebration Style

The festival is very well known for the celebration style. On the day of the festival, it is a ritual that sister will visit her brother’s home. She will do fasting on the day till she ties rakhi on her brother’s hand. First of all, she will wear new clothes on Raksha Bandhan, this is important because new clothes in Hindu religion describe purity and sanity. She will prepare a rakhi pooja thali that will contain all the essentials of the day ritual. She will revolve arti around her brother; this is a ritual to ensure no negative energy should come close to her brother.

After Aarti, she will smear tilak on brother’s forehead. This will ensure that brother will always be protected against the negative energies in life. Once she applies tilak then she will tie rakhi thread around his arm. Rakhi is not only a thread it is the string that holds both of them in promises and love bond. She will then offer sweets to him. Brother will complete the rituals of the festival by offering rakhi return gift to sister. And in this manner, the beautiful tradition of the festival comes to an end.

Raksha Bandhan is not just a day of celebration it is actually something beyond that. There are many beautiful ways in which sisters celebrate rakhi. Those who are near they visit brother and those who are not they imply other techniques. Sister’s residing abroad send rakhi online to brother so that her love and wishes in form of rakhi should reach timely to her brother.

How Raksha Bandhan Festival is Celebrated Outside India

Raksha-Bandhan-2016Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love and affection. Throughout the world this Hindu festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. People of Indian origin residing abroad also celebrate the festival with the same dignity and fun. There is no change in celebration whether they are there in the country or not. We are here discussing the ways how people residing in abroad still keep alive the dignity of the festive celebration.

In our life we are blessed with so many good things and the siblinghood bond is definitely the most precious one. Hindus are blessed that they have such a lovely festival. However it is a popular festival of Hindus, but there is no clear signs that may define it as a core Hindu festival. As the message spread through the festival is so much beautiful that people from other religious also honor the day. Rakhi is not a thread, but it is the emotions that sister ties in her brother’s hand. With great efforts she manages to send rakhi to her brother residing away from her.

It is the custom of the festival that sister is obliged to tie rakhi to her brother no matter wherever she is. In case she is far away and it is not possible for her to meet brother, then she manages to let her rakhi reach to its destination. She send rakhi from wherever possible source so that brother’s hand can be adorned with her love and affection.

Indians residing abroad also celebrate rakhi in the same manner. They make the best of the festival by sending rakhi and rakhi gifts to their loved ones far away. The same is being repeated by the brothers and sisters whose siblings reside abroad. They send rakhi and rakhi return gifts to them so that each moment of festivity can be celebrated in the best manner.

 So, whether they are in India or are settled somewhere far away from their mother land the festivity of the day remains the same. Following the same ritual and same tradition Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated outside India. Online rakhi and online rakhi gifts have aided both brothers and sisters to strengthen the string of relationship. With this aid the festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in India as well as by the Indians settled abroad.