The Different Ways in Which Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated in India

eeWhat makes a festival prominent? Well, people have different view point about festivals. Few take it the moment to rejoice the customs of religion whereas few take it as a moment of togetherness. Overall, festival is the time to make merry and there is definitely no doubt in the same. When coming to festivals and India then there is a deep connection between the festivals and the grand days of celebrations. Each and every festival has its own significance and value and so as the celebration style. The best thing about India is its unity in diversity and which could be seen with the various festivals and special moments to cherish with the loved ones. There is one very popular festival in India, which is called as Raksha Bandhan. The day is known as the sacred celebration of the sibling’s bond. The best part about the festival is the different ways in which it is celebrated. In this article, we are going to highlight the different ways in which Raksha Bandhan.

Celebration of Raksha Bandhan in North India

The country witnesses the grand Raksha Bandhan celebration in the northern part, where the festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Bihar are few of the prominent states where the day is observed with acute enjoyment and devotion. The best part about the day is the different rituals that are followed for day celebration. Following are the common practices that are observed in the festival.

Rakhi Shopping

A month prior to the festival, the shopping for Rakhi thread begins. Markets are decorated with beautiful Rakhi designs which would bestow the sibling’s love and relationship. Sisters look out for special Rakhi in the form of colorful threads, silver Rakhis, bracelets, amulets and other men’s wrist accessories for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Checking out for Rakhi designs online has also become a tradition now.

Rituals of Rakhi

In front of parents, grandparents and elders of the house the rituals of Rakhi are performed. Siblings take a shower and wear new clothes and get ready for the ritual early in the morning. The ritual involves lighting a diya or earthen lamp which represents the fire deity and performing of Aarti by the sisters. They perform prayers for the well-being of their brother and apply a “tilak” on the forehead of their brothers. Along with this, a portion of sweet/ dessert or dry fruits is fed to the brother and finally the Rakhi is tied around the wrist of brother.

Rakhi Gifts for Sister by Bro

Once sister is done with the formality of the festival then there comes the turn of brother. For the dedication, love and affection of sister, brother offers a gift as a token of love and affection. The gift could be in the form of a money, a gift from an offline or online gifting store in the form of Rakhi special gift hamper, a dress, a piece of jewelry items or any other such presents. For brothers who want to offer something unique and extraordinary to their sisters can check out the stunning range of Rakhi return gifts for their sisters, online. In case, there is a need to send Rakhi return gift to sister at a distance then using online portal for the same is a convenient means.

Jammu and Kashmir celebrates the festival in quite a different form. It is very interesting to see and speculate the celebration of Raksha Bandhan there. It begins with the Kite flying festival which begins a month before the main festival with the active participation of the locals. People fly a wide range of kites that are of different shapes, colors and designs. These kites are also flown with special strings by the people.

In the northern parts of India like Uttarakhand consisting of the Kumaon region, the occasion is celebrated with the changing of “Janau” or “Janev” threads that are worn around the torso. The festival is not just linked to brother and sister but even to all brothers. The occasion is called by the same name but the mode of celebration in this part of India is bit different. Apart from this, a fair is also conducted in the Champawat region on this day.

In the Rajasthani and Marwari community, women tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brother’s wife or the sister-in-law (Bhabhi). The custom is followed as the wife of the brother is responsible for the well-being of their brother and being a part of the family, her well-being is important for the whole family as well. The Rakhi which is tied around sister-in-law’s hand is called as Lumba Rakhi.

Celebration of Rakhi in East India

As there are huge customs and traditions throughout the country and hence the festival has also attained different versions of celebration. Coming to celebration of Rakhi in East India then the region celebrates it in a very different yet beautiful manner. In the parts of West Bengal and Odisha, the occasion is known as Jhulan Purnima where Lord Krishna and Radha are worshipped by people on this day. Sisters then tie beautiful Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers and wish for their good health. There is a mood of cheerfulness and joy all around the cities where people belonging to multiple areas like political parties, offices, friends, schools, colleges, common residents, high class people and others actively participate in the occasion.

Celebration of Rakhi in South India

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Maharashtra and other coastal areas in the form of Naarali Poornima where sea is worshipped by the people. The fishermen community throws coconuts into the sea as offerings to sea. Furthermore, people consume coconut based sweets and dishes that are cooked in every household. Later part of the celebrations is commenced after worshipping the sea.

In other southern states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the occasion is celebrated as Avani Avittam that falls on the full moon night during the month of Shravana. The festival is mainly for all the male members of the family. Brahmins on this day take a dip in the water and ask atonement from all their past sins. After the conclusion of the ritual, the holy thread or the “janau” that is worn across the body is changed with a new thread. They also make resolution about performing the good deeds during this “thread changing” ceremony.

Celebration of Rakhi in West India

In the western states like Gujarat, the festival of “Pavitropana” is celebrated alongside the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Lord Shiva is worshipped on the day in which women offer Jal or sacred water and milk to Shiva Linga. They visit the temples on this day and ask forgiveness for their past sins.

Celebration of Rakhi in Central India

The festival is celebrated as Kajri Purnima in central part of India, where the festival is dedicated for farmers and mothers. On this day, farmers worship their land whereas mothers perform the special pooja with their sons. The celebration for the event starts a week before the main occasion. The wives of the farmers go to their fields and collect some soil from their fields in leaves. This soil is then planted with barley seeds and is kept in the portion of the house which is well scrubbed and decorated. After the completion of 7 days, the put is taken out and submerged in a well or river by the women alongside the prayer that asks for the longevity of their sons.

These are the different ways in which the festival is celebrated in the country. The day is of immense important and this is a reason is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Interesting Facts about Raksha Bandhan You Will Not Find Anywhere

11If there is something that describes the tradition of one country well then definitely it is the festival of the place. Festivals are the mirror of custom and rituals. They are the reminders of religion and faith and it is due to festivals only that we find ourselves more connected with our custom and tradition. Coming to the Hindu religion, then it is amongst the most blessed religion in terms of festivals. There is a special day of celebration for almost every relation and one amongst that very special day of celebration is the festival of Raksha Bandhan that blesses the brother-sister bond.

The most interesting thing about the festival is that it is not only limited to the people of Hindu community, but all others also celebrate the merriment of the festival. As the festival is dedicated towards the pious bond of love and affection in between the siblings, hence people unhesitant of their religion status celebrate the day with complete merriment and fervor. Knowing about Indian religion and custom is always a great thing for people. The story behind Raksha Bandhan celebration is really very interesting. We are providing some very interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Celebrated with Different Name: If you think it is only ‘Raksha Bandhan’ the festival is known as then you are wrong because throughout the nation it is known by different names. In the northern and western part of India, it is called as Rakhi Purnima, the Western Ghats and adjoining area recognize the festival as Nariyal Purnima. In south India it is famous as Avani Avittam or Upakarmam, it is known as Kajari Purnima in central India, whereas in the western part of India, it is called as Pavitrapana. In Nepal, which is a Hindu nation the festival is renowned as Janev Purnima.

Across the Globe Celebration: As the festival spreads the message of brotherhood and togetherness, hence it is celebrated across the globe to celebrate peace and humanity. Not only the people of Indian community or Hindus celebrate this festival, but those who find the day meaningful, they also celebrate the same. the loved ones way back home of those who reside in foreign countries send Rakhi, sweets, and gifts to them so that, the merriment of the festival should continue with the same zeal. Not only this, sending Rakhi to India

Other Religion People Celebrate Festival Too: Though the festival emerged from Hindu religion, it is not solely celebrated by the people of Hindu community only. People of different religion around the world also celebrate the day because it is ultimately the message of love and togetherness that matters for the day of celebration. There are many instances in the past also in which people from different religion celebrated Rakhi festival.

Gift Exchange in Between Siblings: The best part about the festival is the great gift exchange session that happens during the time. It is the custom of the festival that once sister ties the thread of Rakhi brother offers her gifts. It is the Shagun of the day. Well, it is mandatory for a brother to give something as Shagun, whether money, gift or anything else. But, as the trend is changing now, sisters are also giving Rakhi gifts to brother and this is making the festival even more interesting and beautiful.

The significance of Rakhi Tying: The thread of Rakhi is what plays the major role in the festival celebration. It is a normal thread bejeweled with motifs or precious stones that becomes sacred when tied across brother’s hand. It is said that when sister smears tilak on brother’s forehead, she is praying to god to put all the evil at a distance from brother. The thread of Rakhi when tied across brother’s hand becomes the Raksha Sutra or the protection band, which is meant to protect brother from the evil. Keeping the dignity of the thread high, brother vows to protect sister from every obstacle of her life.

Time of the Year When Festival is celebrated: The festival is celebrated in the holy month of Shravana, which is approximately in the month of July or August as per the Georgian calendar. Every year, there is a Shubh Muhurat for Rakhi tying, which is decided by the important religious preachers.

Modern Style of Celebrating Raksha Bandhan: Like the modernity, in our style and culture the festival also attained its modern form. Considering the distance between the siblings, sending Rakhi online through Rakhi portals has become a trend. Siblings are using the portals to send Rakhi, Rakhi with gifts, Rakhi with sweets, and avail the interesting options and offer available online for the same.

Story and Krishna and Draupadi: The most interesting epic tale regarding Raksha Bandhan celebration is connected with Krishna and Draupadi. She asked Lord Krishna for help and tied a piece of her Saree around his wrist, considering that piece as the vow of protection, lord protected her from Dushashan.

Alexander and Pours Tale Related with Rakhi: If you think that festival is only limited to India or Hindu religion then you are wrong. In the historical event, it is believed that the King Porus restrained Alexander the Great from killing because Alexander’s wife sent him a Rakhi.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is undoubtedly one amongst the most important day of celebration in India. It is celebrated with great fervor in India and abroad. Rakhi, Rakhi threads, sweets, gifts, dry fruits, chocolates, are the things that make the festival even more prominent. And above everything else, it is the zeal of celebrating the festival that makes it the day the most significant one in the year. Even if siblings are not together they share their happiness by sending Rakhi online or Rakhi gifts online and in this way the complete decorum of the day is maintained. It is a festival that spreads love and brotherhood and this is a reason why the day has also got global recognition.

5 Best Rakhi Gifts for Sister

presents-for-sistersWe Indians are renowned worldwide for our festivals and celebrations. Our festivals are the identity of our culture and they tell the world how significant relations are for us. One amongst the very precious festival that embarks the love and affection in between the siblings is the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival is celebrated in the month of Shravana as per the Hindu calendar. It is a very special day which is meant to strengthen the bond of love and affection between brothers and sisters.

The rituals of festival are what make it the super enjoyable event. Sister ties the thread of Rakhi across brother’s wrist and she is rewarded for the same with gifts. Gift is definitely one amongst the most important part of the festival. In this article, we are going to tell about the five most thoughtful Rakhi gifts for sister that every brother could present.

Chocolate Hamper: The first and the best choice for the day, is definitely chocolates. Chocolate is what makes the moment even more tempting. This is a present that would help you to win sister’s heart.

Stuff Toy: Presenting a giant teddy bear to sister is also a great choice of the day. You can go with the present as she would love to have the fluffy bear by her side always. Along with this, you can also go with the other soft toys options.

Jewellery: If there is no limitations of budget for you, then go with precious jewellery as gift for her. Gold, silver or even the beautiful artificial jewellery could make a difference in the same.

Makeup Kit: Girls love makeup and so does your sister. You present her makeup gift as gift of Raksha Bandhan and she would happily accept the same. Before buying, you should be aware about the makeup brand that she uses.

Handbag: A very good choice for the day is handbag. Sling, tote, bag pack, or any other bag that your sis loves to carry could become the finest gifting choice for the day.

These are the best Rakhi return gifts for sister. You can browse online Rakhi portals and find other relevant choices that you can make for the day, in order to make it the most memorable gift for the most memorable occasion of the year. Sending Rakhi return gift online is also an option if your sister stays far away from you.

How to Plan a Raksha Bandhan Surprise

qqqThe festival of Raksha Bandhan is amongst the most awaited days of the year. This very popular Hindu festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in India. It is the day of siblings which is celebrated with extreme excitement. As per the ritual of Raksha Bandhan, it is required that the siblings should be together to celebrate the merriment of the day but in case, it is not possible then still there are many options and choices that could make it the wonderful celebration of the year. Surprises are always welcomed on every occasion so why not try surprise this Raksha Bandhan.

On the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan, both the siblings have the responsibility part and both can plan a surprise in case they are not together with each other. Here we are mentioning the surprises that brothers and sisters can make on Raksha Bandhan.

Sister: The biggest obligation on the festival of Raksha Bandhan is from the sister’s side because she is obliged to start the ritual with the thread of Rakhi. The Raksha sutra is tied across brother’s hand which is meant to protect him from all the evils of his life. Sister can plan a surprise on Raksha Bandhan by sending Rakhi online to brother. In case she is away and won’t be able to celebrate the festival she can send Rakhi, it will be a surprise. Sending Rakhi gifts for brother and his family is also a great idea.

Brother: Like sisters, brothers can also try the idea of online Rakhi return gift. This could be a pleasant surprise. Sending Rakhi special cake and flowers to sister is also a great idea. Apart from the other things, if you are looking for a surprise, you can visit sister on Rakhi and give her a pleasant surprise. This would definitely melt her heart and of course there could not be any surprise as special as this one for her.

These are the two great ways to surprise siblings on Raksha Bandhan. Relations are nurtured well when both the parties the best of their efforts, and definitely the points that are mentioned here would help sisters and brothers both to put the best from their side for the relationship.

Can I Send Rakhi on the Day of Raksha Bandhan Itself?

Raksha Bandhan is the festival that strengthens the bond of love and affection in between the siblings. It is a very popular festival which is celebrated with great zest and zeal in India and also outside the world where the Hindus reside. This is a day dedicated for the purest bond in between the siblings. The day is celebrated with great zest and zeal and siblings don’t let even a stone unturned to make it the most memorable event of the year.

Coming to the rituals of Raksha Bandhan then it is something that makes the event special. As per the ritual of the festival, sister is supposed to tie the thread of Rakhi around brother’s wrist. It is considered to be the sacred thread of protection that will guard brother from all the evils of his life. She first puts tilak on his forehead and then ties Rakhi. She completes the rituals from her end by offering sweets to brother. Once she is done with her doings then there comes the turn of brother. As a reward of her dedication and love, brother presents gifts to sister. There is a custom of presenting cash and gift both as Rakhi return gift. And, this is how the festival is celebrated in between the siblings.

As it is said, that time does not remain the same always and this is the same case with siblings on Raksha Bandhan. Once they can be together on Raksha Bandhan and another year they won’t be. But, whether they are together or not they have to celebrate the decorum of the festival and hence there comes the concept of sending Rakhi to brother in case they are distance apart. In this case, sister sends Rakhi to brother and hence the festival is rejoiced between the two even if there is a distance gap between the two.

The way of sending Rakhi has also been modified in the recent times. Earlier postage and courier were considered to be the convenient mode but in consideration with the present era of information and technology, sisters are sending Rakhi online. With the help of online Rakhi portals, they select and send Rakhi. The best benefit of this medium is that, you can even send Rakhi on the same day of Raksha Bandhan. There are many portals that provide same day Rakhi delivery or express Rakhi delivery option too.

Three Best Rakhi Gifts for Sister

rakhi gifts for sisterWithout any doubt or any second thought it can be said that Raksha Bandhan is the festival that has to be cherished with the loved ones. It is a very significant day which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India and also in various parts of the world dotted with the population of the Hindus. This is a sacred Hindu festival which is celebrated with extreme zest and zeal all over the country.

The grand festival is celebrated all around the world where there is the population of Hindus. One very interesting fact in consideration with the festival is that, it is not limited to the people of Hindu community only. The non-Hindus who have the faith and belief in the sacred thread of Rakhi also celebrate the festival with the same zest and zeal.

As per the customary actions of the festival, brother presents Rakhi gift to sister as a token of his love and affection. With this, he also expresses his gratitude towards sister for all the efforts she makes to make the festival beautiful. To make your festival of Raksha Bandhan even more special, here we are with the three best Rakhi gifts for your sister that she would love to accept this festive season.

Premium Bracelet: If you are not limited to any kind of budget then you can present her premium bracelet as her Rakhi gift. You can go with gold or silver option whichever you like and could embrace your sister with this pleasant gift on Raksha Bandhan.

Branded Handbag: A branded handbag for your sister would be a treat for her. Women are always crazy for bags and this is something they can have as much as she can. You can present your sister a branded handbag and definitely it will give her a better feel.

Makeup Kit: Present her a makeup kit to flaunt her beauty; nothing can be as perfect as makeup kit for her. Even if you are not available there to present her gift on Rakhi, you can send Rakhi return gift online and hence could make up her mood in the long distance Raksha Bandhan celebration.

Impress your little angel with something much interesting this Raksha Bandhan. These pleasant Rakhi gift ideas of for sister would certainly cheer her up.

How to Send Rakhi to Hyderabad from USA

rakhiFestivals are definitely the best time to cheer up with family and loved ones. When a person is with those who really care for him, celebration just attains its best form. But not all the time and not everyone are lucky enough to have the company of his loved ones during the festivals, but it doesn’t means that they are not valuable. Distance is definitely not something that could separate the love in a relationship and this is a reason why people do celebrate the merriment of each and every festival, even if they are far away from each other. The same goes with Raksha Bandhan festival too. It is the day of love and affection for the siblings. It is a very prominent moment when they express their love and affection by the means of beautiful customs.

For the sisters who are living in USA and wish to convey their Raksha Bandhan wishes to brother living in Hyderabad, there would be no more restriction for anything. There are many trusted platforms that you can use to send Rakhi to Hyderabad not only from USA from anywhere across the world like UK, New York, UAE, Australia, Germany, etc. All you need to do is to approach dependable portals that have a good history of providing the effective services and rest everything would be done in the perfect order for sure.

Send Elite Rakhi to India is not only a Rakhi portal through which you can send Rakhi but it is your messenger that quotes your love and affection truly in your words to your brother. There would be definitely many options in front of you, but relying on us would make you to cheer all day long. We have the amazing range of Rakhi collection, and the best part is that all our Rakhis are the antique piece of craftsmanship. With this, if you desire to send something along with Rakhi then also we provide with that option.

You can send Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with Dryfruits, Rakhi with chocolate, Rakhi with personalized gifts, or Rakhi with any other present that you wish to send to your brother who is residing in Hyderabad. And, the best surprise for you is that, while you send Rakhi from us, you need not to pay anything extra in the name of shipping or delivery charges because we provide delivery services free. So, this Raksha Bandhan, flaunt your love and emotions with exclusive Rakhi collection by Send Elite Rakhi to India.

3 Best Rakhi Gifts for Adorable Little Sister

SM530787Raksha Bandhan is the festival to cherish the cute bond of love and affection between the siblings. It is a day which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by Hindus all over the world. The day is meant for strengthening the bond of love and affection but more than that, it is about gifts. Yes, Rakhi and Rakhi gifts are the most talked about things of the festival. It is always something that makes people excited about the festival.

Rakhi gift is definitely a not to be ignored part of the festival and especially for brothers because they have to fulfill the wishes and desires of sisters. On the festive occasion of festival, it is always required that you should present something memorable. For your adorable sister, we are here with three most pleasant Rakhi gifts that will definitely help you to win her heart.

Cute Barbie Bag: Women are crazy about bags, no matter whatever is their age. So for your adorable little sister, if you are confused about the perfect gift that should be as adorable as she is then definitely a cute Barbie bag would help you in the same.

Apparels: Apparels are always the best choice for the festival. To help your sister dress like an angel you can present her a beautiful white or pink frock and definitely this would make your Raksha Bandhan festival even more beautiful. You can try out online shopping for finding the best Rakhi gift for younger sister.

Barbie House: A Barbie house is a present that your sister will never deny for. If you are really looking to win her heart by something she would like and appreciate then present her Barbie house, this would make her the happiest sister and would ultimately help you feel proud.

These are the three brilliant gift ideas for your younger sister for Raksha Bandhan. These gifts are easily available everywhere. Even if you are sending Rakhi gift for sister to India then only at the online Rakhi portals you could very easily find these things there easily.

These Amazing Benefits of Online Rakhi Shopping Will Make You Fall for It

pack-of-mix-sweets-rakhiThe festival of Raksha Bandhan is meant to strengthen the bond of love, affection and care between the siblings. The day is significantly important for the people of Hindu community and it is because of the faith and belief in the thread of Rakhi and also on the festival customs. Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but it is an annual gala of relationship. This is a day which is significantly important for siblings because on this day the bond of love and affection between the duos is strengthened.

Raksha Bandhan customs are important because it binds the relationship even tighter. As per the rituals of the day, sister is supposed to visit her husband and tie the thread of Rakhi to his arms, but not always and not all the time it is possible for sister to reach brother on Rakhi. Due to personal engagements or distance, sometimes it happens that sister despite desperately willing could not reach to brother on Raksha Bandhan.

The solution in the situation like this is taking the help from online Rakhi portals. These are the amazing platforms that makes sibling to express their love unhesitant. We are here quoting the amazing benefits of online Rakhi shopping that will definitely make you fall for it.

It is Cheap: If considering the monetary value of sending Rakhi then sending it online is cheap as compared to sending it through the traditional mediums and the biggest reason for this is the no delivery charges. Most of the online Rakhi portals do not charge anything extra in the name of delivery charges and hence one could send Rakhi at the basic price only.

No Delivery Charges: If you would send Rakhi online you need not to spend on the postal charge. As there will be no delivery charges hence it is a cheap affair.

It is fast: Sending Rakhi online is fast as compared to offline medium. As the online portals have a strong channel hence sending Rakhi anywhere across the world is only few days affair. This makes online Rakhi as the fastest medium for sisters to send and express their love in the form of Rakhi thread.

Rakhi with Gift Can Be Sent:  And, the greatest benefit of sending Rakhi through online portal is that sisters can send Rakhi with gifts to brother. Whether Rakhi with sweets, Dryfruits, chocolates, or any other present, it is easy to send them all online.

These are the amazing benefits of online Rakhi portals. These are definitely the platforms that make it easy for sisters to send Rakhi easy, fast and cheap as well.

4 Best Rakhi Gifts for Bhaiya and Bhabhi

bhaiyabhabhiIt is the time of festivals only that we understand the true value of relationships. We Indians are blessed that we have so many special days to celebrate our special relationships and especially in Hindu religion. One very significant festival that truly describes the relationship of siblings is Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival of love and emotions. The thread of Rakhi is not a simple string but it is emotions and feelings that sister ties to her brother. It is such a relation that strengthens with the passage of time and this is a reason why the festival attains a beautiful shape with the passage of every Raksha Bandhan.

As per the customary action of Rakhi, sister is supposed to tie thread across brother’s hand but the things are not limited here only. When brother gets married sister ties Rakhi to his wife as well, and this is what makes Raksha Bandhan even cuter. For the upcoming Raksha Bandhan celebration here are the four best Rakhi gift ideas for Bhaiya Bhabhi that you can try for the cute couple.

Couple Watch: For the best couple in your life, a couple watch could be the best choice. You can go with couple watch. A branded Swiss watch is a great idea if you really want to present a gift that could stay with your brother and his better half for a longer time.

Personalized Gift: Gifting personalized present is also something which could amaze the couple. You can go with personalized cushion, personalized table top, personalized bed sheet, personalized calendar, and other than this there are many other gifts that you can personalize for the cute couple.

Household Decoration Item: Household decoration items for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi would also be a great idea. You can surprise them with something that could adore the beauty of their home and ultimately it will bring beauty to their place.

Goodie Box: Presenting goodie box is also something you can try out. A box of sweets, Dryfruits, chocolates, is something that could perfectly justify the occasion and would be a cute gift from your side too.

So, these are four best gift ideas from our side that you can try out to gift your Bhaiya and Bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan. Even if you are sending Rakhi to them as they are far away you can also send Rakhi with sweets, or any of the gifts that are mentioned above. The only thing that you need to consider is to choose a reliable and trusted platform to do so.